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It goes without saying that the best way to keep your brand consistent is to have a single point of control. This can be difficult within an organisation, as different departments will have different ideas. To keep the decision making process simple and easy, one point of control for implementation of your brand is necessary. This is where we come in.

SignManager will specify a detailed signage brand manual, to ensure that your brand is consistently applied across your national presence, and will assign you a dedicated project manager as your single point of contact with us.

Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is.

We can guarantee brand consistency, wherever your signage is located and whichever supplier it is made by. Your brand will be protected, and you will be able to view project progress, reporting and metrics relating to your brand presence via our smart online management system; Signif

When you have multiple stores, sometimes hundreds, it’s easy to lose track of your branding across your site network.

To ensure consistent branding and signage across your network, you need a comprehensive database to keep track of what branding you have at each site. Having this comprehensive information and reporting will allow you to plan for a long-term strategy so you are always one step ahead.

At SignManager, we’re passionate about keeping your brand looking good because your corporate image is such a significant reflection of your business.

Our systems are designed around managing your brand for its entire life. We can capture and store all your brand data and photos in our cloud based management system; Signifi. This system is used to ensure they always look their best.

The signs are made from fully fabricated Matt Black Aluminium composite panels, 3D acrylic Adidas logos with integrated LED illumination. Due to the shopping centre’s requirements SignManager developed a fully engineered solution to mount the panels directly to the glass with specialised ‘VHB’ double sided tape. The client was extremely happy with the end result and the job was praised by their Director of Global Retail Concepts. Adidas were pleased that SignManager were able to overcome all project difficulties and deliver within time and budget.

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