Virgin Australia | SignManager

Rolling out the new Virgin brand to Australian and International Airports.

Virgin Australia revealed an exciting new identity in 2011. Our involvement was to roll out the new image across a number of Australian and other international airports. 

We had an existing relationship with Virgin Australia that served us well at this time. It ensured our project managers and contractors had the required ASIC approvals, and gave us an important understanding of unique airport procedures. Site audits were conducted for every airport, in order to deliver the project as efficiently as possible. Artworks were then generated showing the proposed brand upgrade.

Specialist installation crews were flown into global airports, delivering and installing Australian manufactured product to each location. Australian ports were completed in line with our client’s time frame, as were overseas ports, including New Zealand, Bali, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Los Angeles. Airport signage at LAX was handled by our US based staff. 

Despite a tight timeline and wide geographic spread, the project was delivered successfully, to the complete satisfaction of the client.